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1985Founded. Since then, Lien Yu has been specialized in manufacturing "Injection Machines" and has been dedicated in explored international market. In order to be competitive, Lien Yu brought in advanced skills and has had technique cooperation with British A&A Industrial Ltd. for over ten years. Lien Yu was a pioneer that conducting CAD/CAM system to design international standard-matching Injection Machine. Meanwhile, keep improving and growing, Lien Yu strived to gather talents in the fields of Machinery, Engineering, Computer and Information Technology.

1990Develop big machines. Lien Yu was the first that replacing toggles system with hydraulic clamping system. The new design was to solve toggles model deformation and tier bar broken; moreover, it was power saved, convenient to operate and high-speed.

1997D serial, toggles machines, was launched. Due to the innovative and safe structure, tempting appearance and the CE certificate, the series received lots of positive feedback from users.

1999Refine the original Hydraulic machines and introduce the brand new series, "E", 555 ~ t600 TON hydraulic mechanical machines. The structure was highly enhanced and simplified, which led to the raise of efficiency. Our effort on upgrading quality was wildly approved.

2001Serial G, toggle machines in big size,was launched. The establishment of the G series expanded the variety of our product, which was likely to meet any injection requirements.

2003Because of the agreement on society responsibility, Lien Yu has been endeavoring to achieve environment friendly. As a result, Lien Yu focused on the development of power-saving injection machine, from traditional hydraulic system to full-electronic system. Lien Yu was part in the electronic machines development project, which was dominated by Industrial Technology Research Institution and had profound outcome.

2015At the 30th year, the serial TF was launched. TF stands for Transformation, which may well present the birth of the series. Thanks to the advanced technology, the world changes severely, and also as the industries. Lots of plastic product was beyond our imagination before; yet, our machines would hardly manage to produce a few of new plastic product. To follow up, TF was presented.

Recent years, all the industries such as electronic engineering, machinery, optoelectronics and biomedical engineering all aim on the development of Miniaturization. Hence, Lien Yu considers that the miniaturized injection would be significant. Therefore, Lien Yu is researching and developing the techniques.
Lien Yu has founded sites all over the world and worked with agents that offer high quality service to our clients.